The Noodle Bar

Chow mein is stir-fried noodles. The word means fried noodles, chow meaning fried and mein meaning noodles. The dish is popular throughout China where it appears on the menu of various Chinese restaurants. It is particularly popular in the United States and Britain and is fast becoming a trend at numerous events locally


The Chilli Chocolate Chefs Noodle Bar offers diners something special: the freshest ingredients, an interactive feel, and delicious Asian inspired street food. It's fun to "watch the chefs" create your meal.  This trendy concept for quick food has raised the bar for noodles in Durban with its fresh and tasty alternative for diners looking to broaden their horizons with more exotic and authentic cuisines.

Step 1

Make sure you hungry enough… this is extremely delicious and can be quite filling!

Step 2

Choose your protein:



beef or

Stir Fry Veg- cabbage, carrot, corn spears, peppers, red onion and mushroom. (these are standard)

Step 3

Stand back and watch the chefs prepare your meal.

Made with a selection of authentic thai ingredients and sauces including Soy Sauce, Sweet chilli Sauce, Hoison Sauce, and oyster sauce and topped with chives, roasted sesame seeds, cashews and coriander


Noodles are served in Chinese Noodle boxes with a wooden fork.

This station is equipped with all requirements for the Bar including branding