Message from the Authors...

This book has been long time coming. Food is really about entertaining for us, so it made complete sense for us to put together a book that shared some of our favourite recipes!

We come from a foodie family background. In our years growing up, any milestone was celebrated by throwing a party, of course filled with fabulous food. These milestones ranged from being kids, when we popped a tooth, started walking, and became potty trained to our later years when we excelled in school, passed an exam, got our drivers license and getting married… the parties were endless! Nobody could really relate to this habit of our family… but we welcomed them all as it meant yummy food and loads of presents!


The concept of our book was largely driven by our love of food. We’re happiest surrounded by food and anything food related, from new dishes, and flavour combinations to teaching and training, kids workshops, exploring new restaurants, to recipe development, food styling, food photography and menu consulting.

Chilli Chocolate Chefs Entertain combines some of our favourite recipes together with new recipes we’ve invented, using contemporary ingredients.

The recipes in this book are all easy to follow with no particular level of skill or expertise required. Most are quick and simple to make, while a few require a little extra effort. We prioritized on including an image per recipe, as a picture says a thousand words!


There is something in Entertain for everyone from the casual cook, to the dedicated closet chef in your home. We hope you enjoy using this book as much as we enjoyed creating it! Gorgeous recipes, with simple techniques- this book contains everything you need to know! We hope that you will discover new recipes that might perhaps reawaken the entertainer in you.  We believe that recipes are meant to be shared and food always tastes best when enjoyed with friends and family. It is our hope that Chilli Chocolate Chefs Entertain will contribute in creating memorable moments in your family and home!


What you can look forward to in the book...

 The Chilli Chocolate Chefs have become renowned for their delicious food and constant innovation with new flavours and items. This highly anticipated, beautifully illustrated book brings out everything they love. Anyone with a passion for good food, should have a copy of this book. Impressively comprehensive, truly simple, and beautifully produced, Chilli Chocolate Chefs Entertain, provides a guide to entertaining with ease, without sacrificing hours in the kitchen prepping for meals.


From fresh breads and healthy breakfast bites, to interesting entrées, the most delicious main courses, Al fresco salads, and of course divine cakes and desserts… These inspiring and delicious recipes will instantly become favourites in every home!Tips are generously placed throughout the cookbook, highlighting little things that you might not be aware of, that will make a world of difference to your dish. Go ahead and take a look-you’re gonna love it !